The Alberta SPOR Support Unit – services

Starting May 1, 2019 the new application process for requesting AbSPORU Services and Letter of Support can be found below. Registration is no longer required.

Please ensure your form is saved appropriately in Adobe format prior to completion by following these steps:

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  2. Once the form has opened in the browser, right click and choose Save As. Do NOT update or complete your form in the browser as changes may be lost.
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How can we help you?

We connect Alberta or Northwest Territories based researchers with a network of services, expertise and resources to help accelerate your patient-oriented project.

Visit frequently asked questions for more information.

What types of services and expertise are available?

Look through the menus below to see what services and expertise we offer.

Grant review
  • Consultation and Research Services (description)
  • Feasibility of secondary use datasets
  • Knowledge Synthesis, Implementation Science, Integrated KT, End-of-Grant
  • Patient Engagement
  • Design/methods of the study outcome measures
Data feasibility and design (primary and secondary data)
  • Dataset feasibility & pilot data extraction
  • Sample size calculation
  • Case volume estimates
  • Design/methods of the study outcome measures, analytical plans
  • Biostatistical plan development
  • Data source identification
  • Data collection methods design
  • Methods consultation
  • Project design consultation
  • Measures for patient-centered care
  • Research question refinement
Data management
  • Data access agreements preparation
  • Case report forms development
  • Database development and maintenance
  • Randomization tools
  • Clinical event adjudication
  • Data extraction
  • Data linking and merging
  • Generation of control groups
  • Data cleaning
Data analysis
  • Risk adjustment methodologies development
  • Statistical analysis
  • Risk adjustment
  • Data visualization and interpretation
  • Outcomes modelling
Quality assurance
  • Quality assessment development and validation
  • ICD coding algorithms
Knowledge synthesis
  • Systematic, Scoping or Rapid review
  • Literature searching
  • Statistics (meta-analysis)
Knowledge translation
  • Knowledge translation plan (end-of-grant or project)
  • Integrated knowledge translation proposal
  • Engagement of stakeholders other than patients
Implementation science
  • Implementation plan
  • Assess barriers and facilitators to implementation
  • Implementation strategies identification
  • Sustainability plan
  • Implementation evaluation
Patient engagement
  • Patient engagement plan and readiness
  • Patient engagement experience evaluation
  • Determine a budget for patient engagement
  • Link/match researchers to patients and patient groups
  • Mentor/coach patients and researchers in engagement activities
  • Access patient partners through patient registry
  • Identify and mentor patient liaison
  • Access capacity development and team training resources

Connect with us

The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit is jointly funded by Alberta Innovates and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. 

How to apply

Complete and save the fillable pdf form for either:

Services available from concept through to analysis of a study (from the menus above)

Please include with your application:

  • Ethics approval or exemption: If your ethics application has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate ethics board please submit either your approval or exemption.
  • If you are in the early stages of your project and are seeking support for project refinement and/or feasibility, ethics is not required.
  • Award letter: Resources to successfully conduct the study are necessary (ie. staff/funding).  Please include a copy of an award letter or letter of support from your institution/department if this has been provided.
  • If you are in the early stages of your project and are seeking support for project refinement and/or feasibility, an award letter is not required.

Letter of Support

This can include a submission to grant funding agencies for example. Please submit as early as possible to allow enough time to review your project and develop a letter.

Completed forms

Once you’re done, email your completed form and applicable documents to