Knowledge Translation Platform

Platform lead: Dr. Lisa Hartling

The goal of the Knowledge Translation Platform is to increase the quantity and quality of patient-oriented research in Alberta. We aim to accomplish this goal through direct consultation with patient-oriented researchers, by building research capacity in the province, by building a robust and sustainable community of practice, and by contributing directly to the science of knowledge translation with methods work.

We offer consultation, support and training across the knowledge-to-action cycle, including knowledge synthesis, knowledge translation and implementation science. We work with faculty, research assistants, clinicians, graduate students or any other researchers across Alberta who require assistance with their patient-oriented research projects. Our highly experienced team of experts is committed to working closely with you to improve the quality of your research.

Knowledge Synthesis

Knowledge synthesis endeavours to systematically collate all pertinent information on a given topic to address a research question. [1,2] It is useful for identifying, summarizing, and disseminating evidence that might otherwise get lost in the tremendous amount of health sciences literature available. Some researchers require access to our full spectrum of support services while others may need only statistical support or help in developing a comprehensive search strategy.

Knowledge Synthesis Services We Provide:

  • One-on-one consultations to discuss your research question, the scope of your project, your resource needs and timelines
  • Methodological advice and support for knowledge synthesis projects including systematic reviews, scoping reviews, rapid reviews and meta-analyses
  • Access to a research librarian, methodologist, project support and a statistician
  • Letters of support for grant applications

We have webinars and ‘how-to’ workshops to support you in developing KS knowledge and skills; topics include systematic reviews, scoping reviews, rapid reviews, and meta-analyses.

Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science

Knowledge translation is the process of driving knowledge from research into action. It focuses on packaging and delivering knowledge to ensure it is actively disseminated and effectively used in practice [3]. Implementation science studies aim to understand how best to integrate research findings into healthcare policy and practice, investigate barriers that impede this integration, and test new approaches to bring evidence to practice.

Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science Services We Provide:

  • Guidance on developing an integrated KT (iKT) proposal (i.e. which knowledge users to include and when, throughout the research process)
  • Advice on developing an end-of-grant KT plan for your research or project, including end-user engagement and selection of appropriate KT strategies
  • Assistance identifying appropriate KT implementation strategies, including an assessment of barriers and facilitators to implementation
  • Advice on stakeholder management, including strategies for partnership building, messaging, and facilitation
  • Help writing the KT section of your grant/reviewing grant proposals
  • Letters of support for grant applications

We have webinars and “how to” workshops to support you in developing KT knowledge and skills; topics include integrated KT, end-of-grant KT and evaluation in KT. We partner with organizations to offer advanced training in specific KT/IS fields e.g. audit and feedback.

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