Alberta SPOR Support Unit Platform Leads

The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit leads were selected for their expertise in these core areas. They underwent a rigorous process to be named as the leads and joint-leads of these platforms.

Leads and joint leads for Alberta’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit platforms:

  • Dr. Marilynne Hebert
  • Dr. Dean Eurich
  • Dr. Ross Tsuyuki
  • Dr. Finlay A. McAlister
  • Dr. Lisa Hartling
  • Dr. Hude Quan
  • Dr. Maria Santana
  • Dr. Michael Hill
  • Dr. Lawrence Richer

Marilynne Hebert, PhD – Joint Lead, Career Development Platform 

Marilynne HebertDr. Hebert is an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Community Health Sciences and member of the Institute of Public Health in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Hebert’s research has focused on the use of technology in health care and education, and most recently, the use of storytelling as a knowledge translation strategy.

An expert in leading and evaluating provincial and national capacity building projects in Health Informatics Research, she teaches health research methods at the University of Calgary, and at the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences in Tanzania. She also co-teaches an undergraduate course in Developing Health Research Literacy, Co-chairs an on-line professional development course for practicing health providers, and is funded to develop graduate student competencies in health research.

Dr. Hebert and Dr. Dean Eurich are joint Leads for Alberta’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit Career Development in Methods & Health Services Research platform.

Dean Eurich, PhD – Joint Lead, Career Development Platform

Dean EurichDr. Eurich, supported by Alberta Innovates, is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health, and the Program Director for the Clinical Epidemiology program at the University of Alberta. His other roles include:
– CIHR New Investigator,
ACHORD Research Associate,
– Member of the Alberta Diabetes Institute Research & Trainee Steering Committee at the U of A,
– Elected board member for the Canadian Association of Population Therapeutics, and the Canadian Diabetes Association National Research Council,
– Holds Scientific Office for the Personal Awards Committee of the Canadian Diabetes Association National Research Council.

Dr. Eurich’s research focuses largely in the areas of chronic disease, and health promotion and prevention activities. Within those core areas, his research targets diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory illness.

Dr. Eurich and Dr. Marilynne Hebert are joint Leads for Alberta’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit Career Development in Methods & Health Services Research platform.

Ross T. Tsuyuki, BSc (Pharm), PharMD, MSc, FCSHP, FACC – Lead, Consultation & Research Services Platform

Ross TsuyukiFunded by Alberta Innovates, Dr. Tsuyuki is a Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), and Director of the Epidemiology Coordinating and Research (EPICORE) Centre (a health research coordinating centre) in Edmonton, Alberta.

Dr. Tsuyuki’s research includes clinical trials, pragmatic trials and interventional health outcomes research, particularly in the area of cardiovascular medicine. He has published over 250 peer reviewed papers. He also acts as a consultant for clinical and outcomes researchers, through the EPICORE Centre.

He also practices in the Heart Function Clinic at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute and has led the graduate program in the Department of Medicine.

He has received several awards for teaching, as well as appointment as a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and the American College of Cardiology. In 2005, he was recognized as the Canadian Pharmacist of the Year by the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

Finlay A. McAlister, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FACP – Lead, Data Platform 

Finlay A. McAlisterFunded by Alberta Innovates, Dr. McAlister is a professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s Department of Medicine, and a general internist at the University of Alberta.

Dr. McAlister’s research has included randomized trials, prospective cohort studies, systematic reviews, and data linkage studies using various administrative datasets to answer health services research questions.

He attends on the general medicine Clinical Teaching Units and the Heart Failure Clinic at the University of Alberta Hospital, has published over 330 peer-reviewed manuscripts, is a recipient of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Gold Medal for Research (2005) and the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine’s Senior Investigator Award (2013).

He is past-President of the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine and has co-chaired the Canadian Hypertension Education Program Outcomes Research Task Force.

Lisa Hartling, PhD – Lead, Knowledge Translation Platform 

Lisa HartlingFunded by Alberta Innovates, Dr. Hartling is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Hartling is a CIHR New Investigator, and holds three directorships. The first two are at the Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence, and the University of Alberta Evidence-based Practice Centre. The focus at these two centres is to gather and summarize the best available scientific evidence to help support decision-making by health care providers, administrators, and patients and their families. Her third directorship is with the international Cochrane Child Health Field, where her role involves knowledge translation activities to disseminate high quality research to inform decisions in health.

Hude Quan, PhD – Lead, Methods Support & Development Platform

Hude QuanFunded by Alberta Innovates, Dr. Hude Quan is a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Quan is an internationally renowned leader in health services research methodology, which is the hub for research and educational activities in this field of research. He is leading an international research group of health information created to develop, test, and promote methodological advances for the applied use of coded health information—with the aim of improving methods in health services research.

Dr. Quan has published over 200 papers in peer reviewed journals; in 2014, Thomson Reuters listed him as one of the world’s highly cited researchers.

Maria J. Santana, PhD – Joint Lead, Patient Engagement Platform 

Dr. Maria J. Santana is a health services researcher, patient and family-centred care scientist, an Assistant Professor in the departments of Pediatrics and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Santana has received training in clinical pharmacy, public health, and clinical epidemiology. Her research focuses in developing novel methods to integrate the voice of patients and family caregivers in health care and health service research to improve health and health care.

The methods advance person-centred care and patient-oriented research. Dr. Santana is the lead, patient engagement, Alberta Strategy for Patient-oriented Research Unit.

Michael Hill, MD, FRCPC – Joint Lead, Pragmatic Clinical Trials Platform

Michael HillDr. Michael Hill is funded by Alberta Innovates. He is a Professor in the Departments of Clinical Neurosciences, Community Health Sciences, and Medicine and Radiology at the University of Calgary. He is also Director of the Stroke Unit for the Calgary Stroke Program for Alberta Health Services.

Dr. Hill completed his medical degree at the University of Ottawa and pursued further training in neurology, stroke and clinical epidemiology. He was appointed to the University of Calgary medical faculty in 2001.

His research interests include stroke thrombolysis, stroke epidemiology, and surveillance and clinical trials. He receives funding from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta/NWT/Nunavut, and from various industry partners as well as NIH (NINDS).

Dr. Hill has received a number of awards, including the Barnett, The Pessin Award, the ARP merit award, and the Performance Recognition Award for his role in research and his outstanding publication record.

Lawrence Richer, MD, MSc, FRCPC – Joint Lead, Pragmatic Clinical Trials Platform

Lawrence RicherDr. Lawrence Richer MD, MSc is an Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta as well as Associate Dean Clinical Research, Director of the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Center (NACTRC), and Associate Director of the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI).

Dr. Richer is a Pediatric Neurologist with clinical and research interests in the treatm ent of headache and disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

As Associate Dean, Clinical Research and Director of NACTRC he has a broad commitment to maximizing the use of health data to improve patient outcomes through research, to optimizing research administration processes, and to enhancing support for innovation in clinical trials.

In his role as Associate Director of WCHRI, he oversees the Support Platforms for Integrated Research with integrated clinical trial support and data coordinating functions.